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Refund Policy 退費辦法 Other policy Authenticated users
Liability And Assumption Of Risk Agreement 免責任就醫授權 Other policy Authenticated users
Parent / Guardian Media Release Authorization 媒體授權家長同意書 (Optional) Other policy Authenticated users
Volunteer Signup 志工服務調查 Other policy Authenticated users



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  • Refund processing time may take 3~4 weeks, NO REFUND will be given for the registration fee
  • Requests received before school start: 100% refund after deducting $30 processing fee.
  • Requests received during school 4th Week (include 4th week): 75% refund after deducting $30 processing fee.
  • Requests received during school 5th to 7th Week (include 7th week): 50% refund after deducting $30 processing fee.
  • Tuition is not refundable after 7th Week.
  • 退費處理程序約為三至四週,退費過程註冊費不退費
  • 開學日前退學,學雜費全額退還但需扣除手續費$30
  • 第四週(含第四週)或之前申請退費,退還 75除手續費$30
  • 第五週至第七週(含第七週)申請退費,退還 50% 學雜費但需扣除手續費$30
  • 第七週之後將不再退還學費。


Liability And Assumption Of Risk Agreement 

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In case of an emergency, and we are unable to reach the parents and the designed emergency contact person(s). BTCF will be given the authority to independently seek medical attention for the student concerned without objection from the student’s parents.

  1. I hereby acknowledge that I have voluntarily applied for my child to participate in all activities to be conducted by the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation (“BTCF”).  I agree to defend, indemnify and save harmless, BTCF and its officers, chaperons, teachers, volunteers, employees, and other persons associated with BTCF from and against any and all claims, demands, losses, defense costs, or liability of any kind or nature which the BTCF, its officers, chaperons, teachers, volunteers, employees and other persons associated with BTCF may sustain or incur or which may be imposed upon them for injury to or death of persons or damage to property as a result of, arising out of, or in any manner connected with my child’s participation in all BTCF’s activities.

  2. I certify that my child has the necessary skills and abilities to participate in all BTCF activities and I assume full responsibility for body injury, loss of personal property, and expenses thereof as a result of my child’s negligence in participating in BTCF activities.  I also agree to instruct my child to abide by the rules or instructions given to them either verbally or in writing by BTCF. I further understand that BTCF reserves the right to refuse any person judged to be physically or mentally unfit to meet the rigors and requirements of participating in certain activities.  I also agree that BTCF may use video or photographic or audio records of the activities that my child has participated in for promotional purposes.

  3. I also agree that in the event of illness or accident of my child, any BTCF officers, chaperons, teachers, volunteers, employees, and other persons associated with BTCF, in whose care my child has been entrusted, is are authorized to consent to an X-ray examination, anesthetic, medical or surgical diagnosis of my child; to transportation of my child to any hospital and to treatment and hospital care to be rendered to my child under the general or special supervision and upon the advice of a licensed physician and/or surgeon.  I hereby indemnify, discharge, and hold harmless BTCF, its officers, chaperons, teachers, volunteers, employees, ,and other persons associated with BTCF from liability because of the exercise of such actions.


Parent / Guardian Media Release Authorization 

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Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, request permission to reproduce, through audio or visual means, activities related to your student’s education. Your signature below will enable us to increase public awareness and promote the continuation and improvement of educational programs through mass media, displays, brochures, etc.

The media mentioned herein include but are not limited to photographs, films, slides, internet, video, and audiotape recordings.


Volunteer Signup 

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We welcome you to help cultivate students’ learning experience. Your participation will undoubtedly contribute towards students’ academic success. Every effort counts! Devote yourself to the Academy today for your child’s success tomorrow!

Activities include but are not limited to: photography, article writing, activity preparation, teaching assistance, classroom assistance, material organization and documentation, activity documentation, administrative preparation, activity coordination, community caring, school safety, bell assistant, school greeting services, etc. 

We welcome your participation; we are grateful to have you!

I agree to volunteer and engage in my child's school work and school activities if required by school.


例如: 拍攝照片、書寫文章、場地設置、教學協助、教材整理、教材輸入、活動記錄、檔案整理、活動策劃、社區關懷、校園安全、上課打鈴、服務站崗、…等等。